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Our Process

Our Advisory Process involves six clear steps to create a well thought-out long-term investment plan that meets the unique needs of each of our clients and their families.

We believe that before we can act on your behalf, we have to get a full appreciation of your personal and financial picture.  We have a distinct six step process that we follow in getting to know our clients and in servicing them in the years that follow.

Although our clients are all very different, the high level of service we provide is a constant.  Our clients receive contact from us various ways throughout the year depending on the complexity of their situation and physical location.  Aside from face-to-face meetings, we also stay in touch with our clients with regular phone calls, quarterly newsletters and market update mailings.

Step 1.
Discover:  Before we can provide advice, we take the time in our first meeting to discuss and discover your unique needs. This meeting is ALL ABOUT YOU so we can better understand your goals, dreams and expectations and, more importantly, what this money means to you.

Step 2.
Understand: The next step in the process is to take the time to review and analyze what we’ve learned about you. This allows us to understand your needs and begin the process of establishing a personalized investment strategy.

Step 3.
Identify: Once we’ve completed the first two steps, we are in a position to identify your specific needs and present solutions.

Step 4.
Design:  At this stage we are ready to design your personal investment strategy. Your strategy will include your objectives and risk tolerance, important tax considerations, cash flow needs and time horizon. We will focus the discussion on your appropriate asset mix strategy since this decision will play the most important part in determining the long-term performance of your assets.

Step 5.
Present: We will present you with a written recommendation outlining your long-term financial road map to help you meet your goals. Through our team of experts we will bring forward the advice and recommendations of experienced professionals.

Step 6.
Monitor & Service: The final step in the advisory process is the implementation of your investment strategy.  We will monitor all your holdings and pro-actively manage the assets in accordance to the investment plan, assuring the asset allocation remains consistent with your goals. Our exceptional service contract assures your satisfaction in deciding to remain one of our many long-term clients.

Our Process

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