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Corporate Solutions

Our specific areas of expertise are:
We are uniquely specialized to handle the complex needs of business owners.  We extend our full service investment and insurance planning to corporations of all sizes and work with accountants, lawyers and internal consultants to offer the most comprehensive package available.

We understand the tax issues that businesses face as well as the other factors that business owners deal with such as:

    • Family Trusts
    • Estate Freezes
    • Different tax rates on active versus passive income
    • Small business deduction levels
    • LRIP and GRIP accounts
    • Operating Company versus Holding Company
    • T4 versus Dividend Income
    • Dealing with estate/tax concerns
As part of our process of getting to know you, we will not only ask you about your personal situation, we will also ask you about your business and tie the two parts of your life together. 

Currency and Commodity Hedging – in today’s environment, growing businesses find themselves dealing with customers and suppliers around the world.  Our clients do a great job of running their businesses but find themselves at the mercy of fluctuating currencies and/or material prices.  We offer each of our clients access to protect themselves from these fluctuations with the use of commodity and currency futures.  These futures are available on virtually every currency as well as raw materials and resources such as gold, oil and lumber.  Our specialist is highly trained and would walk you through the various ways your business can benefit.

Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds – as a full service group, we offer each of our corporate clients the full range of stocks, bonds and mutual funds for money they have accumulated within their corporation.  We can invest money in an operating company and a holding company, as well as a family trust.

Option Strategies – we believe strongly that you should use the best investment strategies for the money you hold in your corporation.  Using an existing stock portfolio, we can show  you how this strategy can generate additional returns of 4 – 5% every three months.

Tax Planning – corporate clients have tax planning issues that require special attention.  We take some time to understand how your accountant structured your corporation and how they may have used holding companies, family trusts and/or Individual Pension Plans to create extra maneuverability for you.  Often, we will talk to and/or meet your accountant to build on some of the suggestions they gave you.  In addition, we will look at the various ways that you invest corporate money to introduce you to the methods we have to drastically reduce the tax you pay from interest income.

Deferring Interest Income – we understand the different ways your corporation can be taxed and we will focus on ways to make your corporation more tax efficient.  By making your corporation more tax efficient, we hope to give your accountant greater options in dealing with withdrawals from your corporation and minimize your personal tax burden.  To do this, we use specialized investments that have unique properties of being low risk and very tax efficient.

Individual Pension Plans (IPPs)  –  An IPP is similar to an RRSP in that money accumulates over time, tax sheltered, in an account to provide business owners, incorporated professionals or key employees with retirement benefits.  In addition, IPPs have the ability for larger tax deductible contributions than RRSPs, allow the option to contribute large deductible amounts for past service with your company and can be safe from creditors.  Therefore, an IPP can be an ideal option, in the right circumstances, for your retirement and estate plan.   While some accountants are familiar with these products, most do not realize how valuable this planning tool can be for an incorporated business owner.  Although it is a highly specialized area, we will work closely with your accountant to “Supersize your RRSP”.

Retirement Compensation Arrangements (RCAs) – like IPPs, RCAs are a highly specialized area that we know very well.  RCAs are similar to IPPs except that are specifically designed for younger business owners and/or those that run highly profitable businesses.  We will work with your accountant to see if this option works best for your business.

Partnerships – Buy/Sell Agreements – our clients each have their corporations structured differently and in many cases they involve partnerships.  We will talk to you about the structure of your business and/or partners to make sure that you are protected against things like:

    • Partnership disputes
    • Death of a partner
    • Disability of a partner
Succession Planning / Insurance – with any successful business, there may eventually come a time where the business might be passed to the next generation.  Since there are complex tax problems that can come from this, our job is to build a plan now so that the transfer to the next generation is a smooth one without unexpected tax hurdles later.  Our team of experts will show you the various options you have control over right now.

Corporate Estate Bond – as part of our succession planning, we will explain a corporate estate bond to you and how this bond can effectively deal with all of the tax bills that can be created when a business owner passes away.

Option Strategies - This strategy is offered to select corporate clients looking for ways to lower risk and increase income that can be generated from an existing stock portfolio. In many cases, the income we generate is between 4-5% every three months and does not involve any additional risk above just owning good quality stocks.

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Corporate Solutions

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Corporate Solutions

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