7% Cash Flow Investments

Monthly Cash Flow of 7% or More Per Year

Invest in our pool of:

Conservative Mortgages

  • Secured against physical real estate
  • Earn $1,450*/month




        *per $250,000 invested. Yields as of January 1, 2018. Cash flows may vary and are not guaranteed.  Our strategies may be suitable for those with $1,000,000 of investable assets or more.  Not suitable for everyone.  Due to high risk, please speak with your wealth advisor for more details.

        If you are frustrated with low GIC, bond and equity rates, we should talk. Higher cash flow does not have to mean higher risk.

        Simply put, we are income specialists

        We design personalized financial strategies for established individuals and corporations. We'd like to offer you a second opinion to show you how our income ideas can benefit you. Meetings are available in Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey.

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